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Управление Заданием "sample task - survey about company name and its site"

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We would like to know your impressions about company name "HIDDEN" and web-site
Приглашение Запроса отзывов
Please enter your other suggestions and thoughts and comments about the company name "HIDDEN" and web-site and what can be improved. Thanks!

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ok ok acceptable (61 chars)
ok nomatter good (19 chars)
ok nomatter verybad (169 chars)
ok fear bad (11 chars)
porno nomatter soso (252 chars)
ok never bad (185 chars)
malware nomatter nice (94 chars)
ok fear verygood (44 chars)
ok ok verybad (195 chars)
ok ok verygood (71 chars)
malware fear bad (4 chars)
ok ok good (66 chars)
ok never soso (63 chars)
ok ok good (53 chars)
ok fear good (203 chars)
bad fear good (62 chars)
ok nomatter acceptable (25 chars)
ok fear good (39 chars)
porno fear good (82 chars)
ok nomatter verygood (476 chars)
malware never good (149 chars)
ok never acceptable (18 chars)
porno fear verybad (37 chars)
ok nomatter acceptable (44 chars)
ok nomatter good (24 chars)
ok ok good (160 chars)
bad nomatter verygood (22 chars)
ok nomatter good (69 chars)
malware never acceptable (23 chars)
ok fear acceptable (103 chars)
ok nomatter soso (165 chars)
ok never acceptable (8 chars)
ok nomatter bad (32 chars)
bad never bad (36 chars)
ok never soso (275 chars)
ok nomatter good (22 chars)
ok ok nice (48 chars)
ok fear acceptable (631 chars)
ok never soso (11 chars)
ok fear good (40 chars)

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  • its not normal website for add such type of software product.
  • Good colour scheme.
  • The website is very bare and doesn't look too professional. There is not enough information about the products you are selling. I'm not sure what the software does.
  • no comments
  • according to purchasing from Ukraine I think it doesn't matter although I didn't try Ukraine but no problem ! the site design I think it needs more efforts so I can think it is a site of efficient company this is my personal opinion .. Great success
  • Eastern European countries are a haven for malicious software, like Nigeria and financial scams. I would not even knowingly visit a Ukrainian site due to the risk of a hacked computer.
  • i like the designing work.the theme used is also was nice experience.. thank you
  • the site designing was very simple but super
  • about web-site the web is poorly made please improve the design and information about your product on it make a video to explain user's how to use use good photograph's of how to use it
  • above site very excellent software developer company only and good site
  • nice
  • This company is very good. The site gives more information. Thanks
  • Website looks very simple and no attractive to see and purchase
  • Site is good. I won't hesitate to buy anything there.
  • State more about the purpose of the name HIDDEN. In the surface, I had no idea what product you offered. If you are concerned about the name, add another sylable that describes your business or service.
  • I think you can add some more features, its not looking bright
  • seems pretty boring to me
  • HIDDEN is a good way to convey HIDDEN2.
  • HIDDEN is developed by HIDDEN, a small independent software development company.
  • I'd mention more advantages of using HIDDEN instead of HIDDEN2. If the software can be related to HIDDEN3, then I'd put that in since HIDDEN3 is a bigger HIDDEN4 with more manipulative functions like HIDDEN5. Also, I'd like to see quotes or reviews from customers listed on the home page. I didn't see an "about" page. On the purchase page, specify which versions of Windows and Mac it will work on, capatibilty is a big concern. Add more color to the middle of the page.
  • HIDDEN can help my applications in exporting and extracting data to/from HIDDEN2 with minimum effort. It is the very useful website. Thanks for all.
  • nice looking site.
  • It is very plain and not its own site
  • it looks good.improve some storing quality..
  • Site is helpful. Thanks.
  • It looks smart. But I feel something is missing for its grand look. What is this I do not know. If it looks with multi color attraction. it will be double OK.
  • Thi site is very good.
  • I like the name HIDDEN. It is very creative and unusual, but fitting.
  • Its gud can be improved
  • the website is very simple to use. its not like a website of a software company. it should be modified.
  • The font is not too pleasing. More pictures to substantiate the product. The link should be on the top left horizontally rather than on top right vertically. Thanks.
  • its nice
  • please improve website designing
  • It is not written in fluent English.
  • This site requires alot of work to engender confidence. Try referring to other reputable software company sites for references as to how present a product like this on the internet. This site looks like it was frankly created by someone just learning how to publish websites.
  • Site is really good...
  • site is good..need to improve some more designs.
  • First off, have someone with an excellent grasp of English review your wording of surveys. The way the questions are phrased is simply atrocious! Secondly, as far as the name - yes, the name HIDDEN works, but it would be far easier to sell this product if you could rename it to HIDDEN2 or HIDDEN3 - because that is EXACTLY what your software does. Thirdly, see if you can find the domain name of HIDDEN2.* or HIDDEN3.* (as long as it is not .org because you are not a non-profit or .net because you are not a network). Finally, hire a good web design team and get your site cleaned up! It is hideous to look at, seriously. Mark
  • nice thanku
  • a sample of completed task might be nice

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Is "HIDDEN" a normal name for software company ?

Are you concerned about buying software product from Ukraine ?

What is your overall impression about design of the site ?

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