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Crowd Works - conduct online surveys, order services from online workers

Frequently Asked Questions
General questions
What is is site that offers various types of services that can be done online and require manual work
Why your prices are so low?
Our prices are very low because we have very small financial overhead; also we have a lot of workers in our database, that lowers our expenses; also a lot of people are using our services so we are profitable even with even so low prices.
Who are the workers who are doing the work?
Most of workers are in US. Most workers are aged 40-50 years or so. A lot of workers are housewives.
Can I apply to be your worker?
We already have a lot of workers ready to work for us, so we are not accepting worker applications currently.
How many workers do you have?
We have several thousands of active workers in our database.
Can I ask some work - e.g. survey - to be done only by women? Or by people only from particular country or state?
Yes, we plan to add support for defining the types of workers who you wish to work on your tasks.
Task-related questions
I have submitted a task for editor's review, but now I wish to edit it, what to do?
Just abort the task before job get reviewed by Editor.Then create a copy of that task and edit properties you need.
Payment-related questions
You are accepting payments via - what is it? is famous US-based e-commerce provider we use for accepting different ways of payments.
I have put $200 to my account, but then I have changed my mind - I will use your services 2 monthes later. How can I get my money back?
Please contact us telling us your login and asking amount of money you wish to refund.
I run online business and I am using as ecommerce provider too. Can I perform vendor 2 vendor payment to fund my account?
Yes, please contact us, tell us your plimus vendor id and login at our site once you do v2v transfer.
Affiliation-related questions
I am an affiliate. Can you send me my earnings by paypal?
Yes, we can send you your earnings by paypal.
Will you increase my comission if I will bring you MUCH MORE new customers?
Yes, we are ready to increase comission for our top-performing affiliates. Please contact us for more info.
I have earned some funds as affiliates comission, can I use them to order services at your site?
Yes, please contact us for more info. Funds should be available for payment in order to be able to be loaded to your account.