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The task of type Survey__site with id 23 has been created on 2008-12-11 17:56:39. Cost is $6.

The task has been accepted by the customer.

Task properties

Survey properties

Maximum number of questions (not counting endnote comment entry): 3
Number of respondents desired: 20
Url of the site:
Survey is related to adults-only site or product/service (e.g. porn site): No
Preface section:
The site in question provides services of running surveys online. The target audience of the site is mostly businesses. We would like to know your impressions about the site given that information.
Final call for comments prompt:
Please enter your other suggestions and thoughts and comments about the site and what can be improved. Thanks!

Questions to ask to workers

Note: all questions, answers and other texts seen by workers should be in english!

Survey answers

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overall artwork colorscheme Comments
acceptable good acceptable (13 chars)
verygood good good (10 chars)
verygood good good (52 chars)
soso soso good (158 chars)
soso acceptable acceptable (94 chars)
soso acceptable good (39 chars)
good good good (182 chars)
good good good (11 chars)
soso soso acceptable (67 chars)
good acceptable good (119 chars)
acceptable soso good (52 chars)
bad soso acceptable (82 chars)
good verygood good (58 chars)
soso good soso (36 chars)
acceptable acceptable good (49 chars)
good good good (29 chars)
good good good (102 chars)
acceptable soso good (171 chars)
acceptable acceptable good (85 chars)
verygood good good (9 chars)

Comments by respondents

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  • it looks good
  • Looks good
  • Very to the point and leaves no questions unanswered
  • The color scheme is beautiful, but the site itself is plain and doesn't hold my attention. Too much text that isn't broken up. Also, the English is terrible.
  • Really just needs more polish on the site. The content is good, the layout is what needs work
  • I just don't like these types of sites.
  • In the Frequently Asked Questions, the question "Can I ask some work - e.g. survey - to be done only by women? Or by people only from particular country or state?" is posted twice.
  • No comment!
  • it's kinda of blah, needs some graphics or something to spice it up
  • I would make a more eye catching logo or add a couple graphics to the site. It is easy to read but it looks very plain.
  • this site is too plain . it could use some graphics.
  • Quite a bit of illiteracy in the text. That bothers me. Also a bit boring to read.
  • pictures and graphics are always nice to see on a webpage.
  • You should put my information on it.
  • the page seems a bit bland. Perhaps more colors.
  • Let us know when its ready :)
  • It was easy to read and did not have those awful off putting flashing images . Please do not add them
  • The site looks rather boring because there are no images. Putting up some images will make the site more interesting and might make more people willing to go to the site.
  • It needs something to distinguish it from other sites, as is it looks rather generic.
  • good site

Survey stats

What is your overall impression about design of the site? Don't concentrate on textual content when answering the question.

How well artwork on the site matches the product(s) site is showcasing and selling?

How good color scheme for reading the text?