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Number of respondents desired: 40
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Startup company needs help selecting a logo. Greenfields Partners is a new company specializing in assisting our clients with online business development. Greenfields provides expert advice in the online space for individuals and SME’s (small & medium enterprises) looking to develop or expand their businesses online but lacking in-house expertise.
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Please enter your other suggestions and thoughts and comments about the logo you've selected in question #1. Thanks!

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whichlogo logo1_opinions Comments
logo3 perfect (87 chars)
logo4 acceptable (111 chars)
logo3 perfect (155 chars)
logo4 acceptable (139 chars)
logo3 good (321 chars)
logo1 perfect (108 chars)
logo3 good (63 chars)
logo4 acceptable (173 chars)
logo3 acceptable (55 chars)
logo4 good (655 chars)
logo1 perfect (65 chars)
logo3 good (31 chars)
logo3 good (127 chars)
logo4 acceptable (268 chars)
logo1 good (275 chars)
logo1 acceptable (76 chars)
logo1 perfect (89 chars)
logo1 good (139 chars)
logo1 good (102 chars)
logo1 perfect (52 chars)
logo3 acceptable (23 chars)
logo1 perfect (104 chars)
logo3 good (138 chars)
logo3 good (71 chars)
logo2 acceptable (307 chars)
logo3 good (50 chars)
logo1 good (96 chars)
logo1 perfect (178 chars)
logo3 good (110 chars)
logo1 perfect (47 chars)
logo1 good (188 chars)
logo2 perfect (156 chars)
logo2 acceptable (342 chars)
logo2 acceptable (202 chars)
logo3 acceptable (197 chars)
logo3 good (95 chars)
logo1 perfect (110 chars)
logo1 perfect (57 chars)
logo1 good (48 chars)
logo3 perfect (120 chars)

Comments by respondents

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  • I chose to logo I did because leaves are often associated with tress, which are green.
  • I like the logo I selected better. It is cleaner and more more professional looking, I think, than the others.
  • I really like to logo I chose as it is different, friendly, new, exciting, and sticks in one's mind. It is really nice and not like the usual boring logos.
  • I picked the one I did because it is minimalistic but it still gets the idea of partnership with the two lines. It is clean and done well.
  • I really likw the two leaves as it seems to symbolize that no matter the size of your company or what stage it's in (green leaf new/multicolored fall leaf much older) you will be partners and do what's in their best interest. Beautiful colors and the thought that your company will "Parent" and take care of your client.
  • It was close between number 1 and number 2, but I think number 1 or the one I chose is just slightly better.
  • I like the color and the 2 leaves make the "partner" stand out.
  • Your image should reflect growth in the green 'G'. You may want to use an arrow rather than a leaf to avoid a misperception that your company provides agriculture products.
  • I think the leaf one stands out better for your company
  • I feel that the arches that run along the words "greenfields partners" establish the fact that you are in fact being partners. The way the arches intersect make it feel as if it is a partnership and true collaboration. It also looks professional and that you are a reputable company. The problem I have with the other logo is with the leaf design. I feel like this would be a good logo if you were only dealing with environmental or "green" businesses. So to me that is kind of misleading. The description of the company doesn't indicate that you are in the environmental business. Other than that, I feel it is a good logo. Both are pleasing to the eyes.
  • It's a simple logo which is easy to see and remember all at once.
  • try to make it a little smaller
  • the one i choose with the leaves would be better if the leaves didn't have red in them, but rather had various shades of green.
  • Although this one is acceptable, the logo that I prefer is the last one., with the green arches above. I think this one is a little more bold and eye-catching and makes the company look more interesting. This logo chosen by the designer has colors that are too soft.
  • The other logos are either more cartoonish or suggest that your business is either involved in farming or a "green" technology. The logo your designer recommends is the most professional out of the group, and does not mislead your clients as to the type of business you are.
  • Maybe revisit the choice of fonts, color of the text. Otherwise looks good.
  • I liked this logo because it is simple but eye catching and leaves you wanting more info.
  • I selected the same logo as the one recommended by the designer. I felt it has the sleakest and most recognizable logo of those presented.
  • I also selected the same logo, the other logos looked over the top-too much going on with the graphics
  • The shape of the design and the colors are pleasing.
  • Colorful and welcoming
  • This logo was my first choice as well. It is the right size and conveys a professional corporate image.
  • I like the leaves one the best because of its nature quality. The one that was selected is also nice and I would have chosen that one 2nd.
  • Love the colors - it is very different looking and really caught my eye
  • I actually like the second one better. It just gives a newer sophisticated look. This one is kinda of boring. Its also not really original because its just a fancy G. I like company logos to be one of a kind so when you see that logo it stands out. You want your logo when see to automatically recognizable.
  • The logo could be a little smaller, but I like it.
  • It's professional looking, will work on print and web designs. Other logos remind me of farming.
  • I think that the logo your designer recommends is the best, most relevant logo. The other ones are just ok, this one definitely stands out and will be memorable for your clients.
  • I like the two leafs logo its more alive and clorful. It goes with the word partners because it has two leafs.
  • neat, clean, not overpowering just enough color
  • I liked the first logo (which was the one your designer recommended) because it was the most professional and "clean"-looking logo. The logo evokes a feeling of positive light and energy.
  • I like the second logo best because it's simple, straight-forward and easy to read. I also like the design and colors of the picture in this one the best.
  • I found the one I chose to be of superior quality. Why? It more strongly identifies with the growth image of a startup with the shape of a cyclical leaf. It also has more vivid colors, while I find the designer recommended logo to be much duller. It does not grab my attention as much and looks like Smith's Company. Nothing unique about it.
  • The logo I selected seems more appropriate to what you do. The name Greenfield to me connotates something to do with "environmentally friendly" because the term "green" is such a buzzword these days.
  • I like how unique the logo I selected is. It also has a little more color, which can be eye catching. We want people to just see those shades of color and think about greenfields partners, right?
  • The logo with the leaves is the best because it is colorful and stands out from the other logos
  • I like it because the logo forms the letter G from Greenfields... and it looks like a green leaf inside the G.
  • I also like the first one. It's simple and professional.
  • I agree with the designer to use the first logo.
  • I really liked this survey, and I really like the logos, I think their great! You should deffinitely use them as a logo!

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