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Crowd Works - conduct online surveys, order services from online workers

The Power of an online Crowd at your disposal!

If you have some work to be done strictly by several different people (like survey about your site) or need some dull or boring work to be done - use to do this work!

Sample tasks - surveys

Task: Get opinion of people regarding your site
Suppose you have a site where you sell your product or service, and you are willing to turn more site visitors into clients. So you decide to ask people what's wrong with the site and what can be improved. You use to define survey and receive responses from US people for very cheap prices - $14 for each 40 respondents will bring to your survey!

Here you can see a survey regarding design of that we've conducted using our site. As you can see, not only respondents gave their opinion on design and artwork, they also gave recommendations on what to improve. A special survey template exists to make creation of surveys of such type even easier!

Task: Get opinion of people on your slogan - does the slogan sound reasonable? Get suggestions how to improve it!
Suppose you decided to change slogan of your site. You like it very much, but your business partner think it sounds silly. Why don't you ask other people about the slogan? You use to create survey and have it conducted - will bring you as many respondents from USA as you need! They will even provide you with thoughts and suggestions! And it costs you $14 for each 40 respondents - very reasonable pricing!

Here you can see a survey regarding slogan of that we've conducted using our site. A special survey template exists to make creation of surveys of such type even easier!

Task: Study demand and estimate optimal price for a planned product or service
Planning to start new product or service? How to estimate demand for it and choose the best price that bring you maximum income possible? Just ask crowd of people about it! Just use to define survey regarding this product or service; our workers will answer this survey and even provide you suggestions and thoughs! Answers of every 40 respondents will cost you only $14!

A special survey template exists to make creation of surveys regarding planned product or service even easier!


  • It's VERY inexpensive. For example, the cost of survey with 6 questions with predefined answers and a comment entry costs only $14 for each 40 respondents!! See all prices here.
  • It's easy. For each type of task supported, presets are generic and suit 90% of cases - you just have to enter URL and title of the task; if you need to edit questions or answers, intuitive online interface will help you doing it!
  • Work is done by professionals. We have a lot of workers in our database ready to work on your task, literally thousands. Most of the users are from US.
  • It's fast. Since the moment our Editor accepts your work, you can get results of your 40-respondents survey in less than 30 minutes.

Sample tasks

Here you can see results of performing some tasks requested and completed using our services.

How it works

You have to register at our site (or login if you've already registered), and then create a task choosing among different task types supported. You will have to have funds available at our accounts once you define your task fully, also defining the count of workers who will work on that task. After that our Editors will review your task, and then announce all our human workers about availability of new task. The workers will start working, once the number of workers you've defined complete the task, the task is submitted to our Editors for review. Once task passes Editor's review, you are notified with email about completion of the task.

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